How to Bid

Bidding is easy!

Create an Account

First, create an account here.

Choose a username, password and make sure to read the Terms & Conditions.

Once your account has been created, you can start bidding!

Find Items to Bid On

There are several ways to find items to bid on. You can go to category pages, search by keyword, or enter a specific item code. Once you find an item you want to bid on, place your maximum bid.

How Bidding Works

As bids are entered, the auction system will automatically move up the bid amount for you until it reaches your maximum bid amount, once bidding exceeds your maximum bid, you will receive an email letting you know that you have been outbid. If you choose, you can click the link in the email and enter a new bid amount.

Please note that there can be up to a five minute delay between bids and emails.

Your Auction Dashboard

Keep up to date on your bids by checking your Bidding History located in My Account.

Your Bidding History lists all the items you have bid on, your maximum bid and the current bid on the item. You can see at a glance which items you are leading and where you have been outbid. At the end of the auction, you can check your Bidding History to see which items you have won.

Auction Example

Matthew finds a hockey puck that he wants to bid on. The starting bid for the hockey puck is $1. Matthew enters a maximum bid of $5.

  • The bid on the hockey puck is $1
  • Matthew is the highest bidder.

Mark also sees the hockey puck and decides to enter his maximum bid as $3.

  • The bid on the hockey puck moves to $4, (Mark’s bid of $3 + $1)
  • Mark will see on his screen that the bid is now $4 and the highest bidder is still Matthew.
  • Matthew does not need to do anything, the system will increase his bid for him as long as the bid amounts are lower than Matthew’s maximum bid.
  • Matthew is still the highest bidder.

Luke also sees the hockey puck, he enters a maximum bid of $8.

  • The bid on the hockey puck moves to $6 (Matthew’s highest bid of $5 + $1).
  • Matthew gets an email telling him he has been outbid.
  • Luke is the highest bidder.

John enters a maximum bid of $10 for the hockey puck.

  • The bid on the hockey puck moves to $9 (Luke’s highest bid of $8 + $1).
  • Luke gets an email telling him he has been outbid.
  • John is the highest bidder.

Mark really wants the hockey puck and sees that the auction is closing soon. He puts in a new maximum bid of $15.

  • The bid on the hockey puck moves to $11 (John’s highest bid of $10 + $1).
  • John gets an email telling him he has been outbid.
  • Mark is the highest bidder.

Auction Ends

  • Mark wins the hockey puck with a bid of $11.
  • All bidders receive an email letting them know the auction for the hockey puck has ended.
  • Mark gets an additional “Congratulations” email with a link to the bid page where he will see a link to Paypal.

Mark pays via Paypal and makes arrangements to pick up his item.

Your Winning Bids

At the end of the Auction, you will receive a notification email for each of the items you bid on letting you know that the auction has closed and the amount of the winning bid. If your bid won, you will receive an additional email titled “Congratulations!” with a link back to the item where you will find a payment button.


Winning bids will be linked to Paypal. Each winning bid will have to be processed separately, the system will not combine items into a single payment. If you do not have a Paypal account and do not wish to create a Paypal account, you will find a link on the bottom of the Paypal page that will give you the option to pay by credit card.


Thank you for supporting the Big Blue Benefit Auction!

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